Manné & McCann (Pty) Ltd BEE Policy

The rationale is that there is a set of activities that make good development sense, but fall outside of the normal parameters of traditional business. Activities in the economic empowerment program include among others:

  • The making of higher risk investments in development projects;  printer printing company business forms Johannesburg
  • Targeted skills training to enhance employability of previously disadvantaged persons;
  • Outsourcing contracts to emerging entrepreneurs.

Manné & McCann (Pty) Ltd seeks to contribute to an economically productive and peaceful society through involvement in selected emerging business and empowerment related initiatives. 

Manné & McCann (Pty) Ltd is a level 2 rated BEE company.

The specific guidelines for implementation of an Employment Equity Plan are as follows: 

  • Alignment of policies within Manné & McCann (Pty) Ltd with the Employment Equity Act this is generally given as policy statements.
  • Institutional arrangement where role players are identified for the key tasks of implementing the employment Equity Act.
  • Communication, awareness and training in diversity Management and related skills.
  • Consultation with all stakeholders on employment equity issues.
  • Conducting an analysis to determine the extent of under representation of employees from the designated groups in the different occupational categories and levels of Manné & McCann (Pty) Ltd s work force.
  • Corrective measures and objectives to correct any under representation.
  • Time frame to correct any under representation.
  • Allocate resources in order to implement the plan i.e. Budget, People, Time and Training.  
  • Communicate the plan to all stakeholders. digital printer printing company business forms Johannesburg
  • Monitor, evaluate and review the plan for the duration of the plan. digital printer printing company business forms Johannesburg
We seek to facilitate economic development by working at the interface between good works and good business.

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